söndag 28 september 2014

When Prozac No Longer Helps Turkish Edition Video Interview

Love him or hate him...or love to hate him. Shinings front man Niklas Kvarforth did recently release his lyrics in a book called "When Prozac No Longer Helps" that also got surprisingly an Turkish translation.
For the curious ones here is a clip from when Niklas was on a book signing in Istanbul.



tisdag 23 september 2014


Next one will be the final promo with all bands and cover, plus all info that is needed.
Planned release is the end of November!

måndag 22 september 2014

Septuagint - Negative Void Trinity

After the interview i conducted last year with Septuagint (look for it if you missed it!) i had a fairly clear
feeling of the direction and interest the band had so when i started to get into this Ep it went quite smooth...

As a whole i feel that these 5 songs/psalms is like pre-ritual to the coming album experience, like 5 steps
down towards the unknown abyss... it all is drenched in malignant skin-shedding  motivation!
As it drags itself towards great pain for the revelation of true knowledge... a high cost for a high reward or perhaps a muted scream into the darkness....answers may exist...

Strictly musically speaking this has similarities to bands like Marduk, mid-era Watain and even some Flagellated Seraph, thundering blast beating drums but with well balanced structure, cold sharp guitars with both a hypnotic & alarming riffing sound and not so much of melodic focus, vocals has also a good variety ranging from mid-raspy ghastings to mental shouts & ramblings...sounds like a inner dialogue/ turmoil.

As the last song ends i feel that the coming album will be the real judge to Septuagint due to the personal development they will gain from going through that creational strife, from that the rest will follow!

A competent Debut Ep that leaves an after taste of greater things to come!

söndag 14 september 2014

Dark Eden - The Chaos Masquerade

 I cant say i have much knowledge about Turkish metal let alone Turkish Black metal so
when received this CD into my blank grasp i did not really know what to expect.

I saw the cover art thats quite dark & arty gave a proper mood for this kind of thing,
the band name Dark Eden is maybe not the most original name but the logo artwork was enough good  and gave a vibe of other bands that i already like so....

My first reaction was positive when i heard it! It was a solid and aggressive black metal straight away!!
The sound is  more of the grand and well produced bands from late of the 90´s (early 00´s)... which
maybe is not always a good era to be inspired by but luckily Dark Eden does not use any cheesy
epic keyboard tunes! They keep the punch in the drums as well as the bass is hearable through out.
Vocals is hateful & despiseful but here is my biggest concern with this album...the vocals is
a bit over powering the rest of the music. It can be the mastering thats is uneven because when i listen to my stereo at home the balance is better but in my Walkman (yes a have one of those! Dont like Mp3 players etc) the singing is drenching away the guitars etc which is a shame....so stay at home and listen to it. he he

Lyrics is not directly BM-themed but is more of personal thoughts of death, dark sides of modern life and such. A bit into the album i forget it is a Turkish band and get a very Nordic feeling from it...which is not a bad thing of course! Guitar melodies is enough varied and has many nice parts and they also throw in some acustic parts here & there  that work great.
For me is track 2,3 & 7 (8 tracks in total but the last one is a outro) the best ones but i cant say anyone is the worst either.

It is a matter of taste buds here (as always) but for me that usually like more raw and ugly stuff i get out
enough of this album to get enjoyment out of it... nothing original but competent.
A solid album in its vain but i feel they have better stuff inside them for the future releases, a tip from me to make Dark Eden even more interesting and "put them on the map" would be a more Turkish mythological themed creation!
To dig into once own occult history is a good thing for this type of music and it will nourish the bands personality deeper and will excite listeners.

lördag 13 september 2014

Darkcharge - Nuclear Fate

Here we have a band from the sunny Tampa bay Florida, i got interested first of this release because of its cool cover which made me think of some blackened war metal of some kind... well that feeling was half true

From the start one here a unholy mix of the Nordic cults like Darkthrone with some some trashy militant punk or rather i should say that the grounding is in a punkish beat with the coating of some black metalish spike adorned robe. Raspy vocals and a quite raw production without losing any power.
It works well straight trough!

The lyrics is also in the same blender but does not lean to much in the "political punk" way which is a relief but at the same time no direct black metal content either except from the anti-religious stand they have.
It is more in the bleak future aggression vein here!

A bit short songs for my taste but as long as they hammer on they gets my head banger reflexes going!
It sounds both "modern" but also winds from the early 80´s when the likes of Hellhammer was rising is felt!

So if you have nothing against these kind of style fusions go ahead and get this one! It sure rocks in the dark shades of life.

Track list:

Darkcharge - 01 Who is in control
Darkcharge - 02 No Hope
Darkcharge - 03 Brutal Force
Darkcharge - 04 Nuclear Fate
Darkcharge - 05 Terrorist attack
--hidden tracks--
Darkcharge - 06 Who is in control V2
Darkcharge - 07 No Hope V2

lördag 6 september 2014

Monstraat Interview!

So how are you (not) enjoying the Swedish summer? Any band activities? 

J.M: It's been nothing but torture, especially the long heat wave that occurred some weeks ago during the high summer months. Nothing puts me in a more murderous mood than having to endure 30-degree celsius temperatures. There's no escape whatsoever, you just have to submit to the suffering. Fortunately, the famed Swedish cold is now slowly returning, and with it we rise again. 
We haven't had any band activities since the release of the full-length last autumn, but now the wheels are spinning again. 

2.As from what i understand Monstraat got birthed some time under the apocalyptic post-stress year 2000? How "alive" was it the first few years and why did it take around 9 years for the first demo "Beyond Angel Eyes"? (nice title!) 

J.M: The Metal Archives is not always a reliable source. J.L. recorded several tapes during the solo period (2000-2011 - the band was named Monstraat in 2000, but was formed a few years before that) but these were very limited and never made it onto the internet. 

3.The time was far shorter until the second demo burst "Demo 2012". How was the time for you under this demo creation? was this material in some part transferred unto the first full length? 

J.M: In a way, the 2012 demo probably represents Monstraat more than the album. It was recorded in our rehearsal room with M.N. (our bassist, formerly drummer) as producer, under the normal circumstances that surrounded Monstraat at the time - chaos, mishaps, faulty equipment, intoxication, madness, frantic shouting and general disorder. 
All three tracks on the demo appear on the album, although with new titles - Prayer I is "Bone-Bleaching Sun", Prayer II is "Through Raging Spheres", and Prayer III is "A Poison Divine". 

4.Your debut self titled full album was released last year through the Fallen Temple label, How was the recording process/studio time etc? For the people who have not heard it yet how would you describe its entity? 

J.M: It all went very smoothly. We recorded the entire album in a weekend, even though we didn't spend that many hours per day in the studio. 
We despise the mere thought of spending six fucking months in the studio, like many bands do - adding effects, copy-pasting tracks, pulling knobs and levers, paying meticulous attention to every second of every song. It kills the music and turns it into a soulless, pre-packaged product. 
We recorded the songs the way they sound when we play them, for real, on real instruments - all we added was a bit of echo/reverb. 

For those who haven't heard the album: we play raw, primitive black metal, influenced primarily by the Devil and secondarily by extreme metal music from 1984-1994. 

5.One of the best songs on your album is "A Poison Divine" i think, what can you disclose about its lyrical content etc? 

J.M: I'll let J.L:s lyrics speak for themselves: Charming, deceiving without remorse. 
Corrupting from the roots and rising. 
Pulsating within the veins of the world is a poison divine. 
A blessing turning into blackest sin. 
From beginning to end a curse grand and pure. 

Fader! Skaparen av liv. Se till mig! 
Min skugga skall täcka dina barns ögon. 
Likt en slöja inför deras sista färd. 
(For non-Swedish readers, here is a translation of the last paragraph: 
Father! Creator of life! Look upon me! 
My shadow shall cover the eyes of thy children. Like a veil, to prepare them for their last journey.) 

 6.I saw a photo from one of your concerts where a police man stands on the stage and talking or something...what heck was that about?

 J.M: The club where we played had absolutely no license to serve alcohol or anything - I doubt they were even licensed to host gigs, it was a very shady although very nice place. The pigs had gathered in huge numbers, almost every officer in the Köping jurisdiction stormed the place. 
A very wise use of taxpayer money - have 40 police officers storm a metal gig with an audience of 100-150 people who are all just drunk/stoned out of their mind and watching the music. The only disturbance I saw during the evening was an emerging fight between two drunkards, which J.L solved simply by pushing them apart, in order to stop them from wrecking the place and attracting police attention before the first band even got on stage.

7.How does Monstraats band life look like and what kind satanic direction do you have? 

 J.M: Primitive, straightforward Devil worship. We don't feel the need to convey our message with ancient Cuneiform scripture fragments painted on our foreheads, incense, sigils and song titles like "The Sacrilegious Serene Ascent of Nxulmepheth-Fzulth". 
We feel Him in our flesh, in our sweat, in our blood, in our pain, in our adrenaline, and madness. Further words on this are irrelevant. Words only soil the holiness of this subject. 

8.Is there any other bands worth noticing from your home town Köping? 

 J.M: The only bands worth noticing are Necroplasma and Återfall. 

9.So now soon the summer is over and the darkness begins to crawl back, does Monstraat have any sweet plans for the rest of this year? 

J.M: We now reveal this for the first time - in October, we will once again enter HogFarm studios with N. Hovberg to record some new material. More information will follow as this creation unveils itself... 

10. Thank you for taking time off for this interview. 
Best of luck with all! 

J.M: True beginning, final end.

torsdag 4 september 2014

Inferno #3 is out!

Here is a great zine that i had the honor of doing its layout and to have my art on its cover!
Many great interviews with great hordes plus a mini merch catalogue From Jinn Merchandise! GET IT !

onsdag 3 september 2014

Hohl - Black Mass: Ritual Holocaust

From the poisoned backwaters of  Minnesota dwells a ancient power called Hohl!
With disgust and repulsion the one & only member Haborym Mastama spits forth his hymns of destruction!

Nostalgia of old great empires is something that i feel is flickering inside this compilation of previously unreleased material, partly it reminds me a bit of Satanic Warmaster (which is great!) with its raw but melodic riff structures but Hohl infuses enough of its own chaotic spirit to truly stand on its own!
The songs is in general quite long which Haborym uses to his benefit by composing many great build ups and fitting tempo changes like in the middle of the great song "Eternal Winter, Eternal Night".
As this is a compilation the songs has not been made to be together in the first place but i cant say this is a problem because they float together great anyway, sure if one really dissects the songs there is quite some differences  in the overall song structures and mood  but that not unusual for regular albums either soo...

The production as you may already understand quite raw but it is not raw RAW but it balances it all with ease,  a eerie  grand darkness builds up along the road and it grows nicely after each listen. Distant howls of rapture is floating in the back of my head as i reach its end of this record.
If you already know of & like Hohls music this is a no brainer (get it!) and for those who dont this works good as any as a starter album.

Track list:

1.     Wolf (Battalions of Darkness)     06:27    
2.     Sickness unto Death (Original Mix)     04:56    
3.     Eternal Winter, Eternal Night     09:07    
4.     To Cull the Herd     11:35    
5.     Sacrificing the Flesh of the Untermensch     04:56    
6.     Sinister Revelations of Black     10:26    
7.     Premonitions in Blood and Fire     06:35    

måndag 1 september 2014

Day's End Interview!

As i understand Day´s End is a pretty fresh band so please tell me who the members are and when & why this entity got started?

- Hi, Day’s End was formed in February 2014. It’s an project which I do with Nargathrond. 
Why? To handle feelings, which burns deep inside of us and of course to make music.

 2.Is this the first English written interview with Day´s End? Which others has interview´d you? How is the response on your "home-turf"?

- Yes it is and I hope you understand our “german-english”. They are 2 interviews with Folkmetal.at and Massenvernichtungs Webzine. I don’t know…. some people like it some people doesn’t like it….it doesn’t matter. We make this music at first for our own.

 3.Please tell me about the Thüringen where you live, looks very beautiful and grand! How is it to grow up there?

- It’s one of the last wilder landscapes in Germany, it’s lonesome and many of the younger people don’t wanna stay here. Maybe its boring for them or they find a better job in west Germany. I don’t like this way of thinking…it’s my homeland and I am proud of it. The Nature, my family and all the friends….they give me the power to live this life.

 4.From the music i have heard from you i feel you have succeeded in your goal to portrait the power of vast nature and seclusion, depression etc. one thing i felt that many songs had was a duality in the vocals. like either it is a internal monologue with an external monologue or it is dialogue with two "sides" of the subject.

- Sometimes it’s a dialogue with two sides….but the most time I try to support the music with other types of vocals….you know…when there is a clean part it’s better to do clean vocals.

5.How do you look at "death"? Is it like an coming final relief or something thats haunts you? Some confronts death in a aggressive fashion like more of an attack others accepts it calmly and almost welcome it.

- It is all around us. Every second you can feel it. You can just hope that you come over the day. I do not believe that death is the end…but what´s coming after it…I don’t know.

 6.Please tell some on the coming album? Name, label etc

- It will come in autumn. Winterwolf Records will release it. The name of the album is still not found. It will have 9 Songs with some surprising parts.

 7.Which bands would you say is the most evident that you inspired of?

- There are more than one. I am a big fan of Burzum, Taake, Nargaroth and many others. Nargathrond likes more types of Metal then me…I think. 
It’s melting to the Day’s End sound.

 8.And which band got you to play in the first place?

- Maybe Taake but the own music is the best
 9.So what is Day´s Ends nearest plans now?

- To release the album and write new songs. That’s it

 10.Thanks for your time!

- Thank you for the Interview! 

And check our page www.facebook.com/Daysendmetal